How to choose the right Solicitor

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So you want to find out how to choose the right solicitor? Well, you have come to the right place. There are a number of reasons you may need a solicitor. Maybe you want to get a new Will written up or are going through a divorce and need someone to represent and advise you on the best steps to take.

Whatever the reason may be finding a good solicitor isn’t easy and isn’t a step that should be taken lightly. Here are our top 4 recommendations/tips for finding and choosing the right solicitor.

1. Reviews & Recommendations

The first port of call when trying to find a solicitor should always be to ask around friends and family that may have used local solicitors in the past. This will give you a good idea on which of the local solicitors you should consider and which you should steer clear of. You can then take this to the next step and start looking at their online reviews that they have on trusted sites such as Trust Piolet, Google Reviews &

What we should also mention here though is reviews can easily be influenced and often online many reviews are fake. A recent study found that up to 70% of the reviews you find on amazon are fake, while this may not directly correlate with reviews on platforms such as Trust Piolet they always need to be taken with a pinch of salt.

2. Look for specialities

Many local or High Street Solicitors will cover a wide range of services covering everything from divorce to property sales. While many if not most of these will excel at all of these services sometimes you are better suited going to a Solicitor who specifically specialises in the field that you need.

In many areas, specialist solicitors can be hard to come by and you may have to end up going to a firm that covers everything. As we have previously stated this isn’t necessarily a bad thing and many firms will still have experts working within each specific department to ensure an excellent service.

Pro Tip

You can also check the reviews that have been left for a Solicitors to see if many of the positive or negative reviews that they have had are within the scope of the work that you need completing.

3. Look at the size of the firm

Now, most people will take this to mean that the bigger the firm the better they are. That is just simply not the case. When working with a smaller firm it can quite often be easier to get in touch with the person who is dealing with your query or case.

However, on the flipside having a larger solicitors working for you can be a huge benefit. They will have had hundreds of cases that are similar to yours and should hopefully be able to quickly resolve your issue or query. This can come with the downside that staff at larger firms tend to have huge workloads and will often take longer to get back to you.

This is one of those ones where you may need to way up the pros and cons for yourself and go with your gut instinct on which you feel is the best for you at that given time.

4. Communication is key

Most people will agree that in any situation communication is key and that is no different when working with a solicitor. You need to know that at any given time you can get on the phone and speak to someone for an update. This is possibly the most important point in this list as poor communication can lead to issues with the sale or purchase of a house or in even more serious cases cause legal issues within courts.

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