5 ways to add value to your home

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We all want to add value to our home in the event that we may one day sell it. Continue reading to see our top 5 tips for adding value to your home.

1. Add an extension to the side or rear

Adding an extension to your home is possibly the number one way to add value to your home. While this is on the more costly side it is certain to not only add value to your property but also give you extra space to enjoy while you are still living there.

2. Updating your central heating system

Many homes in the UK are running on very old outdated heating systems. By having your whole central heating system overhauled not only improves the value of your property but also has a range of other benefits.

3. Updating the look of the bathroom

Updating the bathroom in your home can be a fairly simple, quick and effective process that can add value to your home and also be the thing that seals the deal for a potential buyer. To get the best deal we would recommend visiting a local bathroom showroom so that you can get the best deals and keep the cost low.

4. Rewire the property

Similar to having a new central heating system put in place rewiring your property can add immense value. This will also give you the opportunity to add additional sockets where needed as well as adding things such as an extractor fan in the bathroom. Doing this will also allow older houses to update the system to include a RCD which is essential for safety.

5. Loft Conversion

We left loft conversion till last as there are a number of variations that can be done with this. You have the option to go down 2 routes follow building regulations that would allow the loft conversion to be classed as an additional bedroom, this will add immense value to your home. The alternative is to convert the loft but without the building regs that allow it to be a bedroom. This would mean that the room can only even be mentioned as use for storage rather than an actual bedroom so wouldn’t add as much value.

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