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How to find the right tradesperson for your project

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We all know that finding reliable tradespeople can often be quite a task. However, if you follow the few tips mentioned below you should easily be able to find an excellent tradesperson in your area.

1. Reviews are essential

The first thing we recommend doing (and this will seem very obvious to most of you) is to check the reviews for the company/person. We recommend looking into their check a trade reviews if they have them and also their Facebook page, this should give you an accurate representation of what they are like. We would avoid reading testimonials on their website as these can easily be doctored and edited by the company themselves.

2. Locality is key

It is also essential to find a tradesperson that operate in your local area, if you live in the West Midlands there is no point hiring someone who only operates in greater London. Doing web searches for things such as Builder Wolverhampton will help find tradespeople close to you that operate where you live.

3. Jack of all trades?

Often it can seem a good idea to go for 1 company who can carry out all of the work that you need. This can work out well however you normally get better results when using individual companies / tradespeople that specialise in one service e.g. builder, plasterer, electrician etc.
If you can afford to look to bring in individual specialists to help with your project.

4. Never use approachers

Again this one may sound obvious but never use a company or individual who approaches you out of the blue. Many people have been scammed this way and left with a half complete job or even worse not even had it started.
Reputable business who are good at what they do should have enough work from reviews and recommendations and should not need to approach people out of the blue for work.

5. Get a quote in writing

This is something that many people forget to do and they just agree a verbal price. By getting your quote in writing you leave no opportunity for the tradesperson to start trying to change the price of the agreed work halfway through or at the point of completion. This is something that happens all too often so make sure you get your quote in writing.

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