5 tips for working from home

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We all know that being able to work from home can be a luxury and up until recently it is something that many of us have never experienced. Now due to the unprecedented times, we are living in more and more people are having to work from home. Here are our top tips if you are having to work from home…

1. Set up a permanent work station

This is an essential part of working from home. You don’t want to be working in the kitchen one day in the living room the next and in your spare bedroom the day later. Dedicating a permanent / semi-permanent space to your work will help you concentrate and stick to a routine.

2. Stick to a schedule

Now this one might sound obvious to many of you however with the added distractions of being in your home you can get tempted to watch just one more episode on Netflix or go and do that last bit of dirty laundry you have been meaning to do. Getting up at the same every day and sticking to a routine schedule will help you forget about the distractions you have around the home and concentrate on your work.

3. Ensure you have good IT

This is something that has thrown many people off during the current pandemic. While you may have access to IT technicians through your work its important that that also use a reputable third party IT support company this will help ensure that everything continues to run smoothly and they their will be no hiccups along the way.

4. Communication is key

We can not stress this point enough, working from home can leave you isolated and out of contact with many people from your company. If they don’t have one already suggest getting a company slack or Microsoft teams set up so that you can all easily keep in contact, both regarding work and also personal conversations.

5. Enjoy it – it won’t last forever

We all know that this pandemic will eventually be gone and life will at some point revert to normal with you being stuck in traffic on the way to work. Enjoy your time WFH while you can and make the most of it. Working from home allows you the opportunity to work on your own hobbies and other activities as your nora,al commute times are cut to zero.

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